Reebok Easytone shoes are part of the popular leg toning shoe movement adopted by many other brands. They are designed to promote muscle activity in your hamstrings, calves, and buttocks. They are meant to burn calories and help you lose weight. These shoes make your muscles react in order to maintain balance. Easytone shoes have also been shown to promote longer duration of activity. Easytone trainers use natural instability to tone and strengthen key muscles. The design forces your muscles in your legs and abdomen to exert more energy and tone. This is accomplished using balance pads located under the heel and fore foot and is likened to walking on sand. The stability ball function encourages muscles to work as you work or even just stand.

Reebok Easytones have possible advantages that include increased speed and reduced leg problems. They help wearers move there feet forward, which can help you keep forward momentum and finish runs faster. For those individuals who are less athletic, effects of the shoes may be felt immediately. Extended use may possibly reduce leg vein problems and cellulite.

Easytones have a mesh and leather textile lining, with and insole containing special cushioning. The midsole have Reebok's DMX Max design, and a rubber traction outer sole. Easytones come in many colors and styles. There are over 10 colors and over 75 styles to choose from, all of which are customizable from the top and back, to the sole and main shoe. The shoes also come in differing design groups, such as the Flip, Go Outside, and the Reiinspire. The Flip is a more casual open heel sandal as opposed to the Go Outside, which is a classical look that comes in plain black or white. If a tennis shoe is, what you are looking for the Reiinspire is what you are after. It comes in four basic colors.

Reebok has put countless hours into research and testing of the easytones. Twenty-seven men and women, and 30 people in Asia, worked on this shoe for a year and a half. Electromyography (EMG) tests were conducted on University of Delaware test subjects. Wear-tests, conducted on hundreds of people over a two-year span, concluded that easytone trainers were responsible for a 28% increase in glut muscle activity with an 11% improvement in hamstrings and calves. They gave shoes out to volunteers and asked for feedback in a lower extremity muscle survey. The majority of people surveyed responded by saying they could feel an increase in their muscle activity.

Similar shoes to the Easytone include the New Balance 850 and New Balance 1100 toning shoes, which New Balance calls their TrueBalance line.

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